Universal Lite Industrial series with PoE / PSE functions

Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS) introduced the Lite-industrial series with its cost-efficient and stable PoE functions. Lite Industrial products aim to provide power (Power over Ethernet) to power equipment such as IP surveillance, transportation, and manufacturing application devices. CTS Lite Industrial series are power source equipment

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New Product Launch: Lightning Protector (LPB-101 / 101G)

How often lightning occurs in your area? CTS Release Lightning Protector LPB-101 & LPB-101G CTS Lightning Protector LPB-101 & LPB-101G is a Fast/Gigabit Ethernet 1-Line Lightning Protector that aims to protect end-users’ Ethernet devices from lightning. By simply connecting to the main Ethernet device, LPB-101 & LPB-101G is able to transfer the lightning into the

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CTS Releases New Managed CPE Switch HES-3109SSFP

Connection Technology Systems (CTS) launches new Fiber CPE Switch HES-3109SSFP. The CPE switch HES-3109SSFP presents a modern design with a simple outline and is aiming for FTTH and residential applications which require practical management features demand. —  Features  — —  Benefits  — —  Application  —

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CTS FOS-3124 FTTH Access Switch

CTS FOS-3124 FTTH Access Switch CTS product FOS-3124 is a Gigabit Access Switch aiming to provide Fiber to Home (FTTH) solution for users, service, and operators an ideal way to manage network applications. With simplicity, FOS-3124 is able to conduct multi connections to many such as Fiber CPE Switch or Fiber Gateway. FOS-3124 is

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