CTS Support

Warranty Policy

Warranty Period

Standard products manufactured by CTS are covered by 2 to 5 years global warranty from the date of shipped. All non-CTS products will be covered by the original manufacturers’ warranty and the time period shall not exceed 1 year of coverage through CTS.

Warranty period

Product Series

One year

SFP, power supply, and other accessories

Two years


Three years


Five years


Standard Warranty

Within the stated warranty term CTS assumes responsibility for all material or workmanship defects of the items manufacture or supplier by CTS, except defects caused by:
  • Natural disaster, lightning strike, over voltage, electric power of an electromagnetic field;
  • Removal or alternation of product or part identification labels
  • Unauthorized repairs
  • Improper use of the items(contrary to the stated purpose and scope of use described in the product documentation);

Other products and accessories not manufactured by CTS are limited to the warranty provided by the original manufacturer.

Post-Warranty Repairs

CTS will charge for post-warranty repairs, and shall provide the repair cost listing all charges. The repair process will be proceeded upon approval of the customer. And customer is also responsible for two-way delivery cost including customs duty.