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CTS Service Policy and Procedure

ADVRMA(DOA) Terms and Conditions

CTS undertakes to replace any product found to be defective on arrival within 14 business days of its arrival date, according to the arrival notice provided by forwarder, as per the terms and conditions stated below:

RMA Flow-01

Request ADVRMA

DOA cases are handled with the highest priority in CTS.
  1. Customer shall contact the sales offices and confirm the problems with our technical engineers.
  2. After the DOA reason has been identified, “Advanced RMA Request Form” shall be submitted. The form shall contain model name, quantity, serial number, invoice date, and the DOA reason.
  3. The ADVRMA number will be issued by the CTS RMA center within two working days.

Deliver Replacement Unit

CTS production team will manufacture the new unit and deliver within 5 working days under the circumstances that all parts are available. We will take full responsibility for the product and transportation charges.

Return DOA Unit

  1. The product must be returned in its original packaging and must include any accessories that came with the product. Otherwise, a “Repackaging Fee” may be assessed upon CTS acceptance of returned product.
  2. Customer shall provide the invoice and packing list with ADVRMA number on the paper for CTS to arrange the pickup and please state clear on the paper with the text: “Invoice for customs purposes only”.

Provide Repair Report

CTS RMA center will analyze the reason of defective unit, find out the root cause and come up with the “Repair Analysis Report”. If the defect is not caused by CTS design or manufacturing, customer will be charged for the repair cost.

RMA Terms and Conditions
Request RMA

RMA Flow-02

(1) Customer shall submit the “RMA request form” and fill out the basic information such as model name, quantity, serial number, invoice date, and the problem description.
(2) Please avoid using vague descriptions such as “failure” or “does not work”, and try to specify the situation and trouble. Customer may contact our Field Application Engineers (FAE) for helping identify the cause of problem.
(3) The RMA number will be issued by the CTS RMA center within two working days.

Return RMA Unit

(1) We recommend to send the product back in its original packaging and without accessories in order to prevent them from missing and save shipping cost.
(2) All products must be returned in proper packed ESD material or PE/bubble bags. CTS reserves the right to return unrepaired items at customer cost if inappropriate packing.
(3) Please attach the packing list and invoice with RMA number on the box/carton, and provide both soft copy to CTS.
(4) If the item is within warranty, CTS will pay for the either the outward or inward freight. As for post-warranty cases, customers must take full responsibility for the both import and export transportation fee.

Provide Repair Report

(1) CTS RMA center will examine the problems and recorded in the “Repair Analysis Report”.
(2) We will charge for repairing if the product is repaired after the warranty period expired or damaged by the factors not included in standard warranty. In this case, customer will receive the “Repair Cost” with all charges together with “Repair Analysis Report” in 7 working days. And the repair process will be proceeded upon approval of the customer.

Service Charge

Product Series


More than 24 ports and Rack


5~14 ports devices


Media converters

Component Cost

For fiber, chipset,PCBA,power and other parts, CTS will provide the cost of each component for reference.

(3) The repair time is approximately 7~14 working days depends on the quantity and the complexity. In addition, the turnaround time may be delayed if the customer:

  •  doesn’t sign and return the proforma invoice (P/I);
  •  gives an insufficient error description;
  •  fails to pay the accounts receivable (A/R) within the due date;
  •  delays a reply or fails to reply to CTS request for further information such as application environment and configuration.

(4) We will send products which are not manufactured by CTS to the original manufacturer for repair. This approximately takes 10~20 working days.
(5) CTS offers a continuous repair service after the product End-of-Life (EOL) date as long as the parts are still available in the market.

Ship Back RMA Unit

CTS usually ships RMA return by express. If the customer request to deliver by air Cargo or sea shipment, the extra cost must be paid by customer. If there’s any special requirement or arrangement, please indicate when shipping the product to us.

*This policy has been imposed by CTS Group and cannot be altered or negotiated. CTS Group reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice or consent.