CTS HES-3106 IPv6 Features

CTS HES-3106 introduces IPv6 feature to support service and operators with advanced internet communication through traffic system in our layer 2 CPE Switch, combined with our existing features VLAN,QOS,SNMP, Firmware Upgrade, plus advanced protocols: DHCPv6 Client, MLDv1 (Multicast Listener Discovery) Snooping, and DHCP Server Trust Port, which leads to more simplifying internet protocol and less address exhaustion.

—  Features & Benefits  —

  • Provides services and operators an ideal internet traffic such as stateless address configuration (SLAAC) to manually carry out address configuration.
  • Larger Address Space for better allocation of addresses.
  • High level Security with secure IP, trusted host and SSH.

—  Application  —

News_HES-3106 Application