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Enterprise Network

Faster, Better, Way to Success


With the rapid changes in the market due to the widespread of the Internet, upgrading your infrastructure network would be a great decision to cope with this turbulent business environment and respond to new opportunities immediately.

CTS’ Enterprise Network Solution provides Gigabit FTTX devices for you to manage your high-bandwidth requirements, and numerous management interface to meet different network professionals’ needs.



Gigabit FTTX

Bandwidth requirement is increasing in Enterprises due to the usage of new technologies, such as video conferencing for international cooperation business discussions. CTS' All-gigabit network solution can definitely meet your requirement for high-speed network.

Triple Play

CTS' Enterprise Network solution not only satisfies enterprises' needs for the Internet only, but it is also capable of sending video stream and VoIP packages and optimizing the quality by functions such as prioritizing certain types of information and setting VLANs.

Multiple Network Interface

Different network interfaces are provided to fulfill different enterprise infrastructure network professionals' needs. We have a wide range of choices from Telnet/CLI, to SNMP and Web User Interface, just to make sure you have the most suitable interface.


CTS’ enterprise network solution can satisfy both high and low density offices. 

By using CTS solution, we bring Gigabit speed internet to every desktop and notebook, and at the same time providing Wireless to every tablet and smart phone.


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