CTS has insisted on keeping “Differentiation & Globalization”
which has make us one of the leading solution providers for telecom companies,
network operators,and broadband service providers all over the world.

Fiber Switch

CTS’s FTTX solutions are fully Layer2+ managed with different management interface: Web GUI, Telnet CLI, and SNMP.

Fiber Gateway

By simply adding two pieces of CTS-made Fiber Media Converters into your network, and–voilà!


Fiber Media Converter

CTS is the first company to invent “switching media converters” explicitly demonstrates our in-house R&D capability as well as our innovation capability.


High-speed and reliability communication networks

Power over Ethernet

EPS series is an advance and intelligent Switches, supporting PoE functions that simplifying and lowering the cost of PoE deployment as IP telephony, WLAN and IP surveillance in application.


CTS also provides Accessary for Fiber Networking solutions such as SFP Transceiver, Lightening Protector, and Power Supply etc..