CPE Switch (HES Series)


HES Series

FTTX P2P Managed Home Ethernet Switch

When you want a solution that you can rely on.
HES series are your FTTX solutions when you want to implement a Layer 2 CPE that you can rely on. Provided with a well-tested and documented Provisioning system and a Secure installation which gives you the reliability that you seek to ensure users satisfaction.

Product List


6-Port Managed 10G N-base-T Ethernet CPE Switch (W230 x D149 x H31.1 mm)

6-port Management Gigabit  Ethernet CPE Switch (W180 x D130x H30 mm)

6-Port Management Gigabit Ethernet CPE Switch (W180 x D130x H30 mm)


The HES series provide you with a reliable and future proof solution for your FTTX installation. Combined also with a Fiber Tray and a trustworthy provisioning.

It’s ideal when you want to secure user satisfaction. High Performance, Full Management and Powerful QoS features secures the experience, both for the operators and the residential subscribers.

10 G

Equipped with 10G data transmission capacity designed to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for higher bandwidth which is essential for traditional Internet service and premium service alike

DHCP Auto Provisioning

Automatically upgrades the firmware and configuration from DHCP server to save maintenance cost

Loop Detection

Automatically prevent the switching loops that cause network congestion and failures, and keep your service steadily running as planned

Power Down Trap

Notify NOC when power is shut off and so save the cost of deploying human resources for troubleshooting

Dual Rate Fiber

Automatically sense and adjust the fiber speed when changes are made in the network environment, and so facilitate a longer lifespan of the product

IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

Able to run IPv4 and IPv6 in parallel and be interoperable with other IPv4 / IPv6 / dual-stacked devices, which enables IPv6 management, IPv6 packet forwarding, and MLD v1/v2 Snooping

Dual Image

Safeguard against permanent system crash from firmware upgrade failures

Flexible IPTV Deployment

Designed with rich functions in facilitating multimedia streaming and provides a stable IPTV service with high quality

Fast and Secured Installation

Manage and secure the fiber cable/connector with a management tray, and hence simplify a greenfield deployment


CPE switch topology