CTS Proudly Launches the New Generation Miniature Media Converters: MCT-100 & MCT-3002-DR

Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS) is pleased to release the latest new series of standalone media converters: MCT-100 MCT-3002-DRthe smallest size ever performed as well as the previous CVT series. Similar to the CVT series, the MCT series also can be stand-alone or installed in the power redundant rack. The compact size enables the flexibility of network deployments and offers a cost-efficient option for budget-limited operators.

Miniature Media Converter: around 40% smaller
around 40% smaller

– Key Highlights of MCT series –

  1. Smaller in size but with the same function.
  2. Can be stand-alone or installed in rack-chassis.
  3. Around 40% smaller than the CVT series.
  4. MCT-100 series have SFP models (MCT-100SFP) which CVT-100 series did not.
  5. Also supports Dual-Rate fiber auto-sensing function.
  6. Cost-efficient and ideal for budget-limited operators.

—   Product Features   —

MCT-100 and MCT-3002 Comparison Table