CTS Provides Professional Full-Range Fiber Media Converter Solution for FTTX Deployment!

World’s 1st Switching Converter

Being the 1st manufacturer and designer in the world to invent “switching converters” in the year of 1999, Connection Technology Systems (CTS) has been very focused on the FTTX field since then.

Nowadays, CTS is providing “Full-range” media converter solutions, ranging from Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and all the way up to 10G for Reshaping, Retiming, and Reamplifying.

In addition, management functions are also available to meet you and your customers’ requirements, including non-managedSNMP-managed, or OAM-managed solutions.

Achieving FTTX

To achieve the most basic FTTX, all you have to do is connect two CTS Media Converters between the Internet Data Center and the Customer Premises. The small but helpful device enables operators to provide fast and secure services, and at the same time reduce OPEX as CTS has even equipped unmanaged converters with features such as Link Alarm and DIP switches.

CTS Solution Media Converter

CTS Full-range Media Converter Solution