CTS Introduces a New Compact Media Converter Chassis Ideal for MCT Series Media Converters in FTTX Deployments

Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS) is today releasing MCT-RACK-2, a compact 2-slot media converter chassis, designed for our MCT series media converters such as MCT-5002SFP+ 10G Media Converters, MCT-3612/MCT-3512 Gigabit Media Converters, and so on.

MCT-RACK-2 is equipped with the internal PSU (power supply unit), and thus the centralized management of power supply for the slide-in media converters can be achieved easily and no external power supply is needed. Less efforts will also be spent in installation and maintenance for the network administrators while implementing FTTX deployments due to its unique front access design.

—  Product-Overview  —


—  Main Features  —

  • Provide 2 slots for media converer modules
  • Effortless installation and maintenance through the front access design
  • Support hot-swappable for media converter modules
  • Half-Rack Size design to fit in cabinets or 10-inch and standard 19-inch racks 

—  Installation  —

10-inch Bracket Mounting

news-10-inch Bracket Mounting_20180830

 19-inch Bracket Mounting

news-19-inch Bracket Mounting_20180830
*The default mounting accessories include 2 short and 1 long brackets

Application #1 
—  Extension over Large Distance  —
Fiber distances up to 80 Km

app1-Extension over Large Distance_20180830

—  Application #2 
Connect Multiple Locations  —

app2-Connect Multiple Locations_20180830