CTS Delivers World First 10G NBase-T Fiber CPE Switch for FTTH Deployment

HES-5106SFP+ provides a user-friendly but advanced IPv4/IPv6 management interface and abundant L2 switching functions. It is the best investment for businesses and SOHOs expanding or upgrading their network infrastructure with cost-effective and high-speed FTTX solutions.

CTS accurate production brings the QUALITY you need

Manufacturing process is in Taiwan

All these products manufactured by CTS are not only of the highest quality and user-friendliness, but they also adhere to quality standards such as ISO-9001, ISO-14001, FCC, CE, and RoHS. CTS commits to a clean world whilst at the same time helping its customers to achieve their environmental protection goals.

YT video: CTS Delivers World First 10G NBase-T Fiber CPE Switch for FTTH Deployment

“Affärsverken has been working with us since 2011 starting with HES-3109 and HES-3106 in which CTS has been proven a reliable developer and supplier of P2P Fiber solution”

Affärsverken started the initiative to provide 10G to private customers in 2019 and will install several thousand 10G connections during 2020/2021. With over 20 years of expertise in P2P fiber network solution, CTS developed and delivered the world first 10G Nbase-T Point to Point fiber CPE switch.

[Success Story] Why HES-5106SFP+?

  10G uplink  

This allows service providers to serve more subscribers who take advantage of higher-bandwidth application.


Appropriate budget deployment to meet current needs and future expansion opportunities for bandwidth improvement, reduce costs caused by replacement.

  In-home design  

  • Fanless thermal design is for avoiding fan noise
  • LED control of brightness switch by software


  • HTTP/HTTPs/SSHv2/Telnet
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3
  • TR-069/181
  • Text Base CLI Configure file


SFF-8472 Diagnostic Monitor Interface

Allow administrator to view SFP information and status including speed, distance, vendor ID, vender S/N, temperature, voltage, TX bias, etc.

Unique Power Down Trap Technology

Built-in CTS unique SNMP power down trap function and detect network fault caused by power outage rapidly.

DHCP Auto-Provision with Text Based Config File

Fulfill the deployment requirement and reduce the OPEX of device maintenance for service providers or operators.