CTS Delivers the World First 10G Nbase-T Fiber CPE Switch for FTTH Deployment

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10G NBase-T Fiber CPE Switch for FTTH01

Customer Background

Affärsverken is a utility company based in Karlskrona, Sweden. In mid 1990, Affärsverken began to offer their customers fiber-optic network in the area. Since then, it has always dedicated in providing the top-notch broadband service to its users. In order to fulfill its goal to build a sustainable and stable network infrastructure that support Open Access Network. Affärsverken has been working with us since 2011 and it is mainly two products that have been in focus and that is HES-3109 and HES-3106. CTS has been proven a reliable developer and supplier of P2P Fiber solution. Affärsverken started the initiative to provide 10G to private customers in 2019 and will install several thousand 10G connections during 2020/2021. With over 20 years of expertise in P2P fiber network solution, CTS developed and delivered the world first 10G Nbase-T Point to Point fiber CPE switch.


The bandwidth requirement from private internet users have increased dramatically as the application for entertainment or home office such as video streaming and video conferencing taken up more and more internet bandwidth. Affärsverken always looks for sustainable and future proof solution that can support the ever growing demand for internet capacity. As most of the FTTH installation in Sweden already equipped with 1G fiber uplink, Affärsverken intent to take the next step with 10G by the end of 2019. However, this operator not only want a fiber CPE with 10G uplink. In order to provide flexible application on end users side, Affärsverken needs a CPE with a LAN port that can support multiple speed.

Solution and Benefit

With higher bandwidth and processing capability, HES-5106SFP+ fulfill the needs of next stage FTTH deployment. HES-5106SFP+ equipped with one LAN port supports 1G, 2.5G, 5G, and 10G which gives end users flexible options when upgrading their online devices such as Wi-Fi AP. Four extra 10/100/1000 LAN ports also allow flexible installation scenario with IPTV set-up boxes, Wi-Fi APs or personal computers.
HES-5106SFP+ supports functions that enable Open Access Network, including TR-069, 802.1q Tag VLAN, 802.1q QoS, and DHCP snooping etc. As IPTV service in Sweden uses multicast, functions such as IGMP snooping, IGMP fast leave, IGMP filtering allows the operator to deliver quality IPTV services.
The ability to provide remote network management is very crucial for the operator in order to deliver stable internet service 24/7, these functions include DHCP auto-provisioning, power down trap, dual image, CLI configuration etc. Since the SFP+ can easily run into higher temperature when in full capacity, SFF-8472 Diagnostic Monitor Interface is equipped in HES-5106SFP+ so operator can read and monitor SFP status such as temperature, speed, and voltage for remote diagnosis or troubleshooting purposes.
HES-5106SFP+ can be installed with Fiber Cable Tray (HES-FCT-S), which allows backward compatibility if operators want to upgrade CTS’ HES-3106 or HES-3109S series that already installed in the network.

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