Flexible FTTB Solution for Mid-size Apartment Buildings in Middle East

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flexible fttb

Customer Background

The client is the top Telecom in Middle East whose main service including telephony, Internet, and TV/IPTV services. This company started its Fiber to the Apartment Building deployment project in hope to reach out to its end customer to provide a reliable, secure, and fast network connectivity to home premises…


1. Average 8~10 units in the apartment building.
2. Confine installation space.
3. Limited DC power sources.
4. Low noise tolerance.
5. Need to manage large amount of devices.
6. Collect usage data in order to improve its service.

Solution and Benefit

1.  8 and 10 dual rate fiber LAN port support for up to 1G speed.
2. Supports cabinet-mount or rack-mount of 9, 12 and standard 19-inch rack.
3. Built-in AC PSU require less hassles to find DC power source in residential environment.
4. Fanless design eliminates residents’ complaint on noise, also ensures longer life span.
5. VLAN, QoS, DHCP and IGMP Snooping for service provision.
6. Remote management through IP Telnet, WEB, SNMP and SSH to reduce maintenance cost

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