A skiing resort in Austria choose CTS for its cable car Wi-Fi network

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Customer Background

The Customer wishes to establish a public Wi-Fi network along the cable car trail for the visitors to access the Internet while taking the cable car.  In addition, they also provide an online skiing equipment leasing service to their customers.


The weather at the skiing resort can go under 0 degrees Celsius at times, causing trouble to setting up the Wi-Fi network.  Power source for Wi-Fi AP cannot be easily accessed in this environment.  A stable network with redundant links is required for this customer.

Solution and Benefit

CTS’ IPS series Industrial Switch not only supports down to -40 degrees Celsius for this kind of severe environment, but also 802.3at PoE/PSE to provide power for the Wi-Fi Access points through RJ-45 cables.  Fast Ring recovery and RSTP both provide redundant links for this customer to establish a stable network.