Taiwan Leading Telecom Cooperates with SiMPNiC

Taiwan’s Leading Telecom Carrier Walks Hand-In-Hand with SiMPNiC, On the Path of Smart Home

You might not be familiar with “Smart Home” yet, but in daily life, you can’t leave your two best buddies behind: broadband internet and Wi-Fi network, access with a reliable telecom carrier actually matters.

Chunghwa Telecom (TWSE: 2412 | NYSE: CHT), the biggest and leading telecom carrier in Taiwan, now takes a giant step forward and leads the industry again: bringing Smart Home to Taiwanese families, by cooperating with rising star brand of this territory: SiMPNiC.

Starting from 1st May 2020, Chunghwa Telecom offers the privilege of SiMPNiC Home Kit to its newly sign-up, upgrade or renew subscribers upon its HiNet intelligent home solution.

SiMPNiC Product Set-1

For the subscribers with Premium Program will receive a SiMPNiC Deluxe Kit includes the S1 gateway, bulb, plug, contact sensor, motion sensor, IR remote (remotely control LED TV, Air Conditioning, stereo, fan, or lamp and also can monitor temperature and humidity) and and LED colour strip.

SiMPNiC Product Set-2

Those who subscribe to the Plus Plan will receive a SiMPNiC Elite Kit with an S1 gateway, bulb, plug, and contact sensor.

HiNet 光世代 Logo

According to Chunghwa Telecom, the reason for this cooperation based on the fact that SiMPNiC products are really easy to install and use within minutes. Consumers can use them to upgrade home appliances to smart ones right away without replacement cost. Through App or voice control, an enjoyable home automation is easily to be achieved. The excellent user experience is the boost of consumer satisfaction.

“…We’re very excited to have this opportunity cooperating with Chunghwa Telecom…”, said Antony Chen, the Chairman of SiMPNiC. “…The most important thing is the feedback of user experience. SiMPNiC is not just a product manufacturer and seller, but a wonderful-home-life-provider. Chunghwa Telecom shares and helps spread the idea. Consumer, Chunghwa Telecom, and SiMPNiC would all be the Win-Win-Win position altogether… “.

The uniqueness of SiMPNiC brand name is originated from the concept of “SIMPLE” and “TECHNOLOGY”, aiming to simplify the complexities both in the smart home IoT technology and in every sphere ofe life. Comfortable and graceful living environment should be affordable for every family.