Professional Converter Solutions and OAM Fiber Demarcation

Ultimate 2-in-1 System
for Carriers, ISPs, and Telcos

CTS CVT Series Media Converter Solutions offers the ultimate 2-in-1 Solution where each device can be stand-alone or installed in the power redundant CVT Rack-chassis!

This makes CTS converters truly versatile, and the chassis can be equipped with any type of converter ranging from 100M unmanaged to 1Gbit/s 802.3ah EFM OAM managed, all the way up to 10G solutions for Reshaping, Retiming, and Reamplifying.

To help operators save cost and effort, CTS has equipped even unmanaged converters with features such as Link Alarm and DIP switches – all to simplify deployment and maintenance –reducing the operator’s OPEX and TCO!

—  Features  —

  • One Device – Two Solutions: Stand-Alone or Chassis Installation
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost Through Smart Monitoring
  • Convert Fiber Type, Fiber Mode, Link Speed, and Media Type
  • Always Online with Power Redundancy Options
  • Auto Detection and Adjustment of 100 or 1000M Uplink Port Speed
  • Ease the Network Traffic Load and Facilitate IPTV Deployment
  • Ensure Interoperability Through Global Standards
  • Measure, Monitor, and Maintain SLAs

—  Features  —

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