CTS Will Proudly Release Managed Gigabit Fiber Access Switch Series: FOS-3148, FOS-3128 and ESW-3128

Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS) plans to launch three brand-new Fiber Access Switch series: FOS-3148FOS-3128, and ESW-3128 which are all layer 2 switches with full management interfaces. The operators can easily monitor the status of usages and provide the utmost networking connectivity and best quality of Triple Play services via CTS Fiber Access Switch solution and decrease the cost and time of maintenance. FOS-3148FOS-3128 and ESW-3128 are cost-effective and user-friendly, and the best choices for service provider and enterprise to implement FTTH (Fiber to the Home), Metro Ethernet networks and surveillance deployments with no doubt.

—  Product Overview  —

FOS-3148 NEW!!!

CTS FOS-3148
  • Interface: 44 x 100/1000Mbps (SFP) + 4 x 100/1000Mbps (SFP+RJ 45)
  • Ready Time: End of 2014

FOS-3128 *

CTS FOS-3128
  • Interface: 24 x 100/1000Mbps (RJ-45) + 4 x 100/1000Mbps (SFP+RJ 45)
  • Ready Time: Q2 of 2015

*Coming Soon

—  Key Features & Benefits  —

High Port Density (For FOS-3148)

Supply the utmost network connectivity from one device

IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

Extend the lifespan and decrease possible switching costs of devices


Secure connection when the data goes through and prevent all malicious uses

Fully Management via WEB, CLI, SNMP, DHCP Auto-provisioning & FTP/TFTP F/W upgrade

The administrator can easily monitor the status of networking devices by management

Power Down Trap

Enable operators to easily monitor power outages and decrease the labor cost of maintenance

Power Redundancy

Prevent any unexpected emergency of power shortage