iProbe – The Monitoring Tool That Makes Troubleshooting Easy

Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS) is happy to present iProbe; the monitoring tool that makes troubleshooting easy. Many challenges of being a network owner is to make sure that your part is working and that your services up and running. This is where our iProbe comes in handy.

  Main Features  

 IPTV Monitor

     – Loss & Jitter

     – Control Packets

     – Bandwidth

◆  Device Emulation

     – DHCP Request

     – DNS Server Verification

     – Advanced Ping

     – Bandwidth

◆  Management

     – Web, CLI and SNMP

     – Schedule

◆  Cable Test

     – Length

     – Pair Status

iProbe is currently available in the HES product family and our intention is to implement it also in other relevant product families.

– Application Diagram –

You could access more product informaiton about HES-3106 series by here: CTS CPE Switch: HES Series.