CTS Proudly Reveals a New Series of Small-sized Enterprise Switches

Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS) is proud to announce the release of our new small-sized enterprise switch series, SWH-3112 and EPS-3112which are designed to meet the demands of enterprises with multiple locations, and ideal for system integrators and internet service providers to enhance stability, and security, and flexibility of internet services.

—  Product Overview  —

Enterprise Switch: SWH-3112
  1. 8 x  Gigabit RJ-45 Ports 802.3af/at PoE+ (EPS only)
  2. 4 x Gigabit Combo Ports (SFP+RJ-45)
  3. Web, Telnet, CLI, SNMP, Console Management
Enterprise Switch: EPS-3112

—  Main Features —

  VLAN / Q-in-Q / QoS  

Facilitate the deployment of enterprise network in different locations

  DHCP snooping / DHCP Relay Agent / IP Source Guard  

For customers to deploy a more secured enterprise network

  802.1X / MAB  

Offer identity-based and MAC-based security to achieve greater visibility into the network

  RSTP / Fast Ring  

Provide fault tolerance and enhance the reliability of the network

—  Network Applications for Enterprise Switch —

A. SWH-3112 in Headquarters

Application-1:  SWH-3112 in Headquarters

B. EPS-3112 in Branch Offices

Application-2:  EPS-3112 in Branch offices