One of the Biggest City Networks in Sweden Choose CTS for Their FTTH Network and Utility Facility

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Wetternet is the local fiber cable network in the city of Jönköping. This local ISP is part of the local utility company Jönköping Energi, which started the delivery of its fiber connections in the year 2000 to monitor the company’s important electricity network. Step by step, the company started to provide internet services to hospitals, care centers, schools, and eventually to private users.
Today Wetternet connects over 30,000 end-customers, whereof 11,000 have signed up to triple play services. With the open network structure, end customers can choose services from over 20 different service providers.


Sweden has been known for its robust welfare system, however, it can easily drive up the network’s operational expenses due to the higher labor costs. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting are necessary for Wetternet to operate its network without too much hustle and to control its operational expenses.
In the 2010s, demands for IPTV service in the city become prevalent. In order to provide its customer freedom of choosing their own service providers, Wetternet needed an FTTH solution with the capacity to process a stable IPTV stream and supports an open network structure. Like electricity, heating, and water system, the city network deems the internet as the city’s basic infrastructure so the solution needs to be future-proof, sustainable, and reliable.

Solutions and Benefits

As the fiber endpoint to the residential premises, the HES-3109S series is the perfect choice for installers, operators, and home users. With the easy-to-install cable management solution (FCT-S) and simple white housing design, HES-3109S is home-friendly with enough amount of LAN ports and powerful processing capacity for users to connect their setup boxes, WiFi APs, VoIP, and more. VLAN Q-in-Q in HES-3109S allows the city network to provide triple-play services via one box under the open network structure.
Management functions such as IGMP Snooping and SNMP as well as auto-provisioning are basic tools that support Wetternet in the daily operation. In 2018, CTS developed iProbe, a remote troubleshooting and diagnostic tool kit that aims to help network operators not only to identify but also to monitor and prevent possible home network issues. This tool can help network technicians to work more efficiently and to avoid unnecessary home visits, hence lowing the operational expenses and increasing network stability.
Today, Wetternet’s users subscribe to no less than 100/100Mbit internet speed. HES-3109S supports 100/1000 dual-rate and provides Wetternet flexible and future-proof options as they have different demands from their users. As smartphones, streaming services, video/voice calls, and gaming consoles drastically increase the day-to-day home internet usage for private users, CTS’ HES-3109S has proved to be a stable and robust option for Wetternet.