PoE Solution for IPTV Service in Japanese Apartment Complex

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success-poe for iptv

Customer Background

One of the top apartment management company in Japan has been providing Satellite IPTV service in every of their apartment units since 2002. While its leasing business rapidly expand, the original solution can no longer fulfill its tenants’ demand for better video streaming quality. The apartment management company was looking for a new solution with best price-performance ratio from a vendor who can promise the best quality and sales services…


  1. Average 21~24 units in one building, each unit has a TV stick need to be connected.
  2. The client is keen to reduce wiring complexity by PoE solution.
  3. Require features that can enable smooth IPTV streaming service.

Solution and Benefit

  1. 24 PoE ports provide up to 30W per port and maximum 100m transmission distance is perfect for powering TV sticks without extra wiring.
  2. IGMP Snooping, IGMP Fast Leave, IGMP Filtering, various QoS classifications and rate limit control to deliver smooth IPTV service.
  3. Alarm threshold, port priority, quick control, and schedule-based provide efficient and effective management on PoE ports.

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