PoE-Trigger – Restart your PoE devices easily

Our rugged media converter IPC-3012 has got a sibling with a very useful function, PoE-Trigger! PoE Trigger allows you to turn on/off PoE power with Link Alarm. By shutting down the fiber port in the switch, the IPC-3012 stops transmitting both data and power to connected PoE-fed products (IP camera, Wi-Fi access point…). Since the first step when troubleshooting an IP camera or Wi-Fi access point is almost always to reboot it, PoE Trigger is a valuable feature in these situations.

A city network in Sweden implemented this product with a PoE-trigger function in the municipality’s public outdoor Wi-Fi and surveillance network in early 2023. They commented:

“We see big savings with this Poe Trigger. We don’t have to send out a technician to restart Wi-Fi access points or IP cameras running on PoE. A simple command in the switch and the problem is often solved”

Similar PoE remote control features are common in managed PoE switches. However, IPC-3012 is an unmanaged rugged media converter, which does not require a complex network setup. The compact form factor also makes it usable in most installation cases.

With a simple adjustment, we made a product smarter.

The new model was named IPC-3012-PT