CTS Proudly Reveals Pioneered Industrial PoE Media Converter Solutions for System Integrators

Connection Technology Systems Inc. (CTS) is pleased to announce the release of a new series Industrial Media Converters—the IPC series with PoE function, and the IAC series without PoE.

Featuring switch mode, fiber backup mode, and dual media converter mode*, CTS’ new industrial media converter solution is not only cost-effective and scalable for system integrators, but suitable for various applications deployed in harsh environments, especially for ITS (Intelligence Transportation System).

*IPC/IAC-3014 only

—  Product Overview  —

—  Benefits  —

Rugged Design

The device is designed to work in harsh environments with -40˚C ~ +75˚C temperature.

Works with your Current Environment

Equipped with build-in power booster, the devices enable 12 ~ 57 VDC power input which are suitable for multi-applications.


With build-in power inject mode, the converters ensure continuous power delivery to powered devices.


With 9 DIP switch configuration, installers would be able to deploy their network promptly and in the way they want it.

For more product information please check: https://www.ctsystem.com/en/industrial,

or contact the nearest CTS office.