CTS CVT-3002FSMSFP-DR Fiber to Fiber media Converter

Connection Technology System Inc. (CTS) introduces Standalone Media Converter/RACK Solution series: CVT-3002FSMSFP-DR, a Simple, Fast Media Converter device aimed for New Generation Fiber to Fiber Conversion.

It supports Dual Rate function, allowing the device’s fiber port working at 100Mbps or 1000Mbps speed rate which saves cost and space for the user and is easier to control!

—  Feature & Benefits  —

  • Two 100/1000Mbps SFP ports for Fiber to Fiber converting functions.
  • Non-Managed function just Plug & play, fast & convenient.
  • Single-mode and Multi-mode pairs convert variation.
  • Can be remote standalone or slide into CTS media converter Rack system.
  • Device is light and easy to set up.

—  Application  —