Founded in 1998, CTS is an in-house designer, manufacturer and leading network solution provider for fiber communication products.

By gathering a team of innovative, passionate and accountable professionals, we offer exceptional services, quality products, and customized solutions for telecoms, network operators, and broadband service providers all over the world.


Our mission is to develop our team to support customers by understanding their daily operational needs, in order to provide value-added solutions that can help to improve business agility, and increasing operational efficiency to achieve their goals.

Customer first

We put our customer at the center of everything we do. We solve our customer’s problems in the way that works for the business. We engage and collaborate with customers to develop value-added functions.

Inspire excellence

We are brave, ambitious and driven to be better every day. We are always thinking about ways to grow and improve. We encourage each other to be a part of the solution.

Be honest & trustworthy

We keep our commitment in words. We hold ourselves accountable and we put business integrity into actions. We communicate with our team, customers, in a clear, timely, and open way. 

Our Strengths

Our Strengths

In-house Design Capability


Differentiation in Product Design

Fanless Compact Size Switch

Apply industrial-like thermal design for installation requirements.

Battery Backup Solutions

CTS solutions can be powered up during power outage periods with VRLA batteries. Operators can be updated with the battery charging/discharging status by notification.

iProbe (IPTV Diagnostic Tool)

For operators to monitor the packet loss rate of video streams, the “zapping time” of IGMP join from LAN to WAN , analyze general query from WAN side, and the max response time of IGMP join from LAN side.

Link Alarm / PoE Trigger

To give our customers full control of the network even when they chose to use a non-managed media converter.

Quality Assurance

Software/Hardware Collaboration

Design Verification Test

Design for Manufacturing

Solution & Risk Analysis

QA_about 02

Made in Taiwan


First Pass Yield

*Dynamic Burn-in Test

QA_about 03

High Temperature Operating

High Temperature Storage

Damp Heat Cycling Test

Accelerated Aging Test

QA_about 04

Engineering Services

Customer Complaints

RMA Center

Root Cause Analysis

*ALL the products are being tested for 8 hours, with operating temp 50°C before shipping out



Energy Efficiency

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Empowerment and Connection

Workplace Safety

Wellness and Health-related Activities

Local Community Development and Investment

Governance and Operations

Ethical and Risk Management

Innovative and Sustainable Product Solutions

Customer Services Policy

Design Quality|Reliability Test

Component Quality Control
Operation High/Low Temperature Test
Power On/Off Test
Hot/Cold Start Test
Storage Test
Vibration/Drop Test

Manufacturing Quality|Board Level Test

Aging Test and Verification
Dynamic Burn-in Test
Operation Temperature Cycling Test

Functional Quality |System Level Test

High Voltage/Grounding Test
SQA Validation and Verification
Customized Verification
Product OQC

Service Quality|Customer Service

Daily Engineering Service
RMA / ADV-RMA Service
Customer meeting
On-site service

Operation & Services


R&D center, manufacturing center, sales and marketing

Sweden, Austria, Japan, US, India 

Sales and marketing, technical support