Beyond Expectations: CTS’s Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

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Quality and presence are fundamental principles for CTS. The company strives to establish long-lasting relationships with each customer, which they achieve by delivering products of the highest quality and meeting their clients exactly where they are located.

To truly understand your target audience, you need to be right where they are, Julia says, Production and Management representative at CTS in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Beyond Expectations

CTS's comprehensive approach to quality control and customer experience

What sets CTS apart from their competitors? This is a question worth discussing.

As a smaller player in this industry, CTS needs to find its niche to differentiate us from other players. Our product is designed to work as part of the infrastructure, which is expected to quietly stand in for 5, 6, even more than 10 years. We believe that in-house design and manufacture give us more control and advantage to achieve this goal, Julia says.

Instead of simply replacing a damaged product, CTS follows a thorough analysis process. They investigate the root cause of the issue and involve their research and development team to enhance the product. This approach allows them to learn from their mistakes and prevent similar issues from recurring.

CTS’s commitment to quality is evident in their testing procedures, where products undergo rigorous assessments under extreme conditions. Their heat rooms subject the products to varying temperatures to ensure optimal functionality. Multiple tests are conducted throughout the design and production stages. Every product has a specified operating temperature range, and CTS strives to exceed those limits in their testing because they genuinely care about their products.


Julia further emphasizes:

When it comes to the most crucial aspect of our work, I would say it’s a combination of everything. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our products, and over the past five years, we have dedicated significant attention to environmental considerations. We have actively worked on reducing packing materials and becoming more environmentally conscious in our production process.

Bridging global markets

At CTS, they go above and beyond for their products. Being average is not enough. Since their inception, they have not only focused on producing products of the highest quality, but also try to place themsleves in close proximity to their customers. As one of the biggest markets of CTS, European customers has very different experiences and perspectives than an average Asian designer and manufacturerTo bridge the gap between the designer or manufacturer and the users, Julia relocated from Taiwan to Sweden as part of the company’s localization strategy.

Holistic approach to service, satisfaction, and supplier relationships

Julia emphasizes that customer service is an integral part of CTS’s operations. Every phase of the process is crucial. To achieve excellence, the service must exceed merely being satisfactory at each stage.

Julia explains:

At CTS, we prioritize providing a positive customer experience. We have local teams in various countries who are in close proximity to our customers. They promptly address concerns and inquiries, reporting back to our headquarters in Taiwan. This approach of having local teams sets us apart from our competitors. Customers appreciate being able to communicate with someone who understands their specific needs and can provide timely assistance.


CTS primarily works with suppliers in Asia, and they maintain strong and straightforward relationships with them. They have a deep understanding of their suppliers’ manufacturing processes, and the suppliers, in turn, understand CTS’s stringent quality requirements. Many of these supplier relationships have been cultivated over several years.

In conclusion, CTS is a fiber component manufacturer in Sweden that places great emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and in-house production. By continuously improving their services and effectively managing environmental, safety, and health risks, they strive to deliver high-quality products that meet customer expectations. CTS’s customer service aims to provide personalized support, and they value the long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers – all parts involved.