Localized FTTX Solution for Broadband Service Provider in Southern India

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Customer Background

ACT started as a content and cable service provider in Bangalore, India. In around 2010, the company was eager to expand to broadband business but was lack of technical and deploying experiences. CTS since plays a key role in ACT ’s business expansion by providing crucial technical support. We are committed to provide a suitable solution for local environment that create the most value for customer.


  1. Power Outage: Power shortage and electricity theft are common issues in India. Battery-backup solution can help to lessen end user complain on internet shutdown due to power outage.
  2. Unstable Input Voltage: The power supply in the service area is not stable, which can damage any connected devices. To address this issue, CTS implanted high-voltage cut to protect devices from damage by cutting off power supply when detecting abnormality.
  3. Unpredictable Faulty Connection: Unauthorized connection may create broadcast loop to obstruct internet service. Loop Detection has been customized into CTS product to isolate the loop to minimize the affected service area.
  4. Theft: Theft problem occurs in some cities where devices could be stolen and sold to black market. The Anti-theft function requires all devices to verify with the server when booting. The unverified devices will not able to function which can lower the intention of theft.

Solution and Benefit

  1. Industrial Battery Backup
  2. High Piezoelectric Protection
  3. Loop Detection
  4. Security Protection


14-ports Management Full Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Switch

48-Port Management Full Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Switch



14-ports Management Full Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Switch