FTTH プロバイダーは、国際展開のために CTS から CPE を選択します

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Customer Background

OpenInfra is a fiber operator based in Stockholm, with over 100 000 FTTx customers in Sweden and Germany. They started as a fiber consulting company in 2009 and has now evolved into an important contributor to the digital communication infrastructure in Scandinavia. OpenInfra’s success is based on their ambition to always strive for stability and sustainability, and to provide top-notch service to their customers.


As OpenInfra continued to grow, they needed to find a new supplier of CPEs who could meet their changing demands. Besides the obvious requirement of high product quality, OpenInfra also needed:

     1. A supplier with a proven track record.

     2. A supplier that could deliver CPEs directly to installation projects.

     3. A supplier capable of delivering 10G CPEs.

Solution and Benefit

In 2020, OpenInfra started working with CTS and chose HES-3106 as their main CPE for 1G fiber access, and the new HES-5106 for 10G connections. CTS products are used widely in Sweden and have reputation of good quality, so that the basic requirement was met.

     1. Within months, CTS delivered tens of thousands of HES-3106 and HES-5106 to OpenInfra.

     2. Products were delivered directly to various installation projects, which led to reduction of cost for transport,
         logistic handling and logistic administration for OpenInfra.

     3. Thanks to its advanced functionalities, HES-5106 proved to be well-suited for business applications.

“We initially chose CTS because of their reputation of good quality and their ability to help us with logistics. Now, after working with them for a while, I’m also impressed by their great support and responsiveness.”

Says Daniel Linder, the CTO of OpenInfra.