Battery Backup

The cost-effective power backup solution

Power Outages are recognized to be one of the major concerns for Point-to-Point Ethernet networks comparing to PON technology. UPS systems can solve this problem in the network operation center, but cannot extend its rescue to the device deployed in the field.

VRLA Batteries

CTS has designed our solutions to be powered up during power outage periods, all you need is the most commonly seen car/motorcycle batteries. The easily accessible batteries lowers your searching cost to deploying an uninterrupted network.

Auto Charging & Discharging

With the batteries installed together with CTS' battery backup solution in the field, we have taken this into consideration and made sure to lower the maintenance cost of charging and discharging the batteries by automatically switching the modes.

Auto Notification

We want to make sure that the network operators have full control of their network, or at least as much as possible. CTS' battery backup solution have the ability to keep the operators updated with the battery charging/discharging status.


With your existing Ethernet network infrastructure, you would like to transform to FTTX network with the least cost. Or in another scenario you have a low density fiber deployment, so you would not prefer to purchase high-density and costly fiber switches. By using our fiber connectivity solution, you will be able to achieve your goals