The IES series are provide an extended operating temperature (-40°C ~ 75°C) to withstand against
harsh environment for better performance.

Loop Detection
Automatically prevents the loop events from causing congestion in the network and keeps your service stable
DHCP Auto Provisioning
Automatically upgrades the firmware and configuration from DHCP server to save the maintenance cost
Dual Rate Fiber
Automatically senses and adjusts the fiber speed when changes are made in the network environment, providing a longer lifespan for the product
Easy installation where complex configurations are not required
Power Redundancy
Keeps the device working when facing unexpected damage on power modules
Fast and Secured Installation
Manages and secures the fiber cable and fiber connector with a fiber cable tray, which is a perfect for green field installations
USB 2.0
External USB ports ensure the unit to be future-proof, where new technologies can be added
Dual Image
Prevents your device to die from firmware upgrade failures