Connection Technology Systems (CTS) is happy to present IPC-3014-PoE++: This industrial media converter is ideal for applications in need of higher power supply, long transmission distance, harsh environment, and the need for fiber backup. IPC-3014-PoE++ supports connection up to 120 KM, and because of our industrial design, it can withstand wide temperature ranges. With our Power booster, even if your DC Power input is as low as 24V our Power booster, even if your DC Power input is as low as 24V our Power Booster can boost it up to 54V DC, which makes sure that you can have your PoE up to 30 watts

Three Different modes, one unit

Our IPC-3014-PoE++ has a long range of possibilities of placement and use. Below we have listed three of the different environments and placements you can use our IPC-3014-PoE++.



With IPC-3014-PoE++ two fiber ports, it is now possible to use it as a switch and build a network chain. This comes to handy in long-distant areas, such as bridges or tunnels where, instead of calculating how many fiber pairs you need, you now can build a network chain where you only use one fiber pair, that goes between each unit. 

With the increasing need of free Wi-Fi in public venues, there is also an increasing need of security. IPC-3014-PoE++ supports dual media converter mode which separates the traffic for different purposes. What that means is, you can have one fiber port and 

one PoE++ port on one network, while the other port is on another network. For example, in public venues, where you want the cameras to go the security room while you want your Wi-Fi. hotspot to connect to the internet. Even though it through the same unit, it is in fact two different networks, keeping it separate and helping protect your security.

At high-security locations, a malfunction of the security system, such as the surveillance, may be devastating,  and cause severe damage. IPC-3014-PoE++ supports fiber back up mode, which enables the system to switch whic to the second fiber if the first one loses its connection, providing fiber redundancy and ensuring no loss of connection.