The challenges that CTS proudly solves

PoE is a technology which is constantly developing and adapting to the new challenges of the modern society. We at Connection Technology Systems is proud to present our answers to the modern challenges of PoE. These new features are our Power Booster and Lightning Protection which is using K.21 standards. One of the big challenges when using PoE is to make sure that the product has enough incoming power to have the desired PoE budget.

Wy do you need Power Booster?

Connection Technology Systems (CTS) is happy to present the Built-in Power Booster. One of the main challenges when using Power over Ethernet is to get enough DC power to be able to have a PoE budget up to 30 watts.  CTS Power Booster is the answer to this challenge.


If you don’t have Power Booster you need to have at least 57V DC input power to make sure that your PoE Budget gets up to 30 watts.  If you use our products with our Power Booster, it makes sure that even if your DC Power input is as low as 24V DC our Power Booster boost it up to 54V DC which make sure you can have your PoE Budget up to 30 watts.

Devices that supports Power Booster and surge protections