Since FTTH today is infrastructure, customer-premises equipment (CPE) needs to be extremely reliable and have as long lifetime as possible. CTS has now upgraded the very popular HES-3106 FTTH Point-to-point CPE with a new advanced fiber transceiver, called BOSA. The upgraded product official name is HES-3106B.


HES-3106B includes a BOSA (Bi-Directional Optical Sub-Assemblies) transceiver, which gives you many quality improvements and new features. Until now, BOSA transceivers has mainly been used in test instruments and other advanced fiber equipment.


The technical difference between a traditional transceiver and a BOSA transceiver is that the optical component is mounted directly on the PCB, enabling an effective and more reliable production leading to better quality assurance. In our test lab, we have verified a MTBF of 22 years for HES-3106B which we believe is unprecedented for a CPE and best in class.


With HES-3106B you get several benefits:

  • -Improved lifetime
  • -Replaceable fiber SC contact
  • -DMI / DDM information
    • Transmitted Optical Power
    • Received Optical Power
    • Laser Bias Current
    • Temperature (on board PCBA)
    • Supply Voltage


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