Z-Wave Alliance Meeting.

Around 200 Z-Wave Alliance members met during the first week of May 2018 in beautifully sunny Amsterdam.

They discussed technology, joint business activities and the development of the IoT market.

This time Mitch Klein (Alliance Executive Director)and Raoul Wijgergangs (the Z-Wave Business Unit Director) were surprisingly joined at stage by no one less than the Silicon Labs CEO, Mr. Tyson Tuttle.

After having spent some time with the CTS team, Mr. Tuttle even chose to lift the joint work of the Copenhagen Z-Wave team and CTS using Z/IP and bringing the first truly open Z-Wave gateway controller to the market.


Z/IP & Z-Ware.

The background to this maybe lied in the fact that Silicon Labs announced that only open Z/IP and Z-Ware code made available through the Z-Wave support website will be supported in the future.

For CTS this was very good news and the CTS work was later during the conference lifted once more in front of all members; leaving us proud enough to mention this as news !