Fiber optic access is commonly considered to be the ultimate solution for broadband connectivity. It provides virtual unlimited bandwidth and enables simultaneous delivery of multiple services.
Standard Warranty for Media Converters

CTS' Media converters have a limited warranty for 2 years. However, the power adapter has only one year limited warranty.

What is the ISP VLAN Explanation?
ISP VLAN port is a port which like as a tagging port.
Does the FOS-3126Plus support RFC 3580 ?
Yes. It supports RFC3580 (802.1x+Radius client).
Standard Warranty for Switches
CTS' switches have a limited warranty for 2 years. However, the power adapter only has one year warranty.
Does SWH-3114 FW support a redundant configuration?
It does not support the fiber redundant configuration feature.
Standard Warranty for Fiber Gateway
CTS' Fiber Gateway products have a 2-year limited warranty. However, the power adapter has only one year limited warranty.
Does your CVT Converter Models support Link Down through the Converter?
Yes, CVT series products support “LINK ALARM” which feature is alike as the link down through.
Can CVT-100 be manipulated by the SNMP service?
No, the CVT-100 doesn't support the SNMP service.
Can Link alarm work when the link type is A/N to 100/F or 100/F to A/N?
Yes, it can work.
Is the maximum packet of CIII-2512 achieved 1518?
No. The MTU is 1784byte.
Does CIII-2512 support max packet to 9K?
100Mb switch chipset only supports the MTU to 1522byte only.
Does the CVT-100BTFT accept the FTP RJ45 connector?
Yes, the CVT-100BTFT supports the FTP RJ45.
Can CVT-100 work with the 100gm/140 gm fiber cable?
Yes, it supports the 100gm/140 gm fiber cable.
What Transfer rate of CVT-100 is?
The data transfer rate of the CVT-100 is 100Mbps. And the throughput is 71.4Mbps.
Is the access method CSMA/CD?
Yes, it is.
Can the fiber spcification be used in 50/125um & 62.5/125um?
50/125->-4.6dBm, 62.5/125 -> -4.3dBm. Since the differential is only about 0.3, we suggest you keeping the original value.
What is the maximum transmission distance of the CVT-3002SFP?
That will depend on the SFP you choose.
Can CISCO’s SFP transceiver work with CTS Media Converter?
CTS products is not embedded the encryption mechanism to block the operation with non-CTS brand SFP transceiver. For the most case, CTS products can operate with any SFP transceiver which is compatible to ITU-T standards.
Do the version A CVT-3002 and the version B CVT-3002 have different power consumption?
Yes, the version A CVT-3002 consumes 6W electricity and the version B CVT-3002 consumes 3W electricity.