Smart Solution

Concept of Future Smart Homes Using Open Platform

CTS has designed and developed our Smart home solution into a unique and professional IoT platform to the limit that different service providers can provide different services through the same device. With CTS' long-term experience from supporting service providers in the networking field, we know what matters most to our customers. CTS' smart home solution is developed to provide services with quality, security and stability, which are vital for e-health, home security and modern real estate IoT applications.

Carrier-grade design

To assure the stability and quality of the service, battery backup and 3G/4G wireless backup are built into the solution to create an un-interrupted service environment. In addition, a security button is designed on the device which will trigger a notification to the service providers when it is removed from its designated place of installation.

Z-wave Technology

Z-Wave compatible, compatible with mainstream protocols, the interoperability issues between CTS' solution and other Z-wave sensors are limited, therefore reducing costs on searching and solving IoT issues.


The use of one of the most popular protocols in the IoT scenarios
facilitates the services you provide with features such as low latency, assured messaging and efficient distribution.