For Service Provider


CTS provides a complete range of Access to Customer Premises Equipment FTTH Triple Play (Data Internet, VoIP and IPTV) solutions for you to establish, deploy and provide innovative services that improves your customers'experiences.
With the motto, “Innovation to your needs”, CTS aims to deliver customized solution based on your environment or to solve your inconveniences.
CTS delivers excellent solutions, tested with highest quality standards, and optimized by continuously embedding user experience into the solutions, for the purpose of supporting you to deliver value-added services to your customers.


With the history of more than 30 years, Ethernet is considered as one of the most matured standard in the field of Networking. Active Ethernet Fiber technology provides a much flexible and future-proof solution for service providers, alongside with a better service quality, which would eventually lead to higher subscribers'satisfaction and increased revenue.


  • ‧ Up to 1000Mbps dedicated bandwidth per subscriber
  • ‧ Triple Play (Internet Data, IPTV, VoIP) in one device
  • ‧ Fast and Secured Fiber Installation
  • ‧ Easy Maintenance, Trouble Shooting and Auto Upgrade
  • ‧ Cost-effective Un-interrupted Power Backup