For System Integrator


Enterprise Network
In response to the SMEs' (Small and Medium Enterprises) needs of a higher bandwidth internet, resulting from the increasing usage of applications such as video conferencing, CTS provides a Layer 2+ fully managed Gigabit Fiber solution with different management interface for Enterprise network professionals.

Surveillance Network
With higher quality CCTV video requirements from the surveillance market, CTS provides an Easy-to-use Smart Plug-and-Play solution with Gigabit Ethernet bandwidth and PoE+ to fulfill every single need of the customers.


Symmetric Bandwidth, one of the characteristics of Active Ethernet, is an very important factor for Enterprise networks or Surveillance Networks. It ensures sufficient bandwidth for video stream uplinks in IP surveillance networks and also Video Conferencing.


  • ‧ Multiple Management Interface
  • ‧ Secured Transmission
  • ‧ Easy Installation for Surveillance Systems
  • ‧ VoIP, Video and Internet through one device
  • ‧ Quality in Video Stream transmission