EPS series is an advance and intelligent Switches, supporting PoE functions that simplifying and lowering the cost of PoE deployment as IP telephony, WLAN and IP surveillance in application.

Power Over Ethernet
Enables you to provide power through the ethernet cable and reduces your deployment costs
Loop Detection
Automatically prevents the loop events from causing congestion in the network and keeps your service stable
PoE Scheduling
Edits the schedule and defines when to turn on or off the PoE power for each port to effectively manage the total power budget
DHCP Auto Provisioning
Automatically upgrades the firmware and configuration from DHCP server to save the maintenance cost
Dual Rate Fiber
Automatically senses and adjusts the fiber speed when changes are made in the network environment, providing a longer lifespan for the product
Power Redundancy
Keeps the device working when facing unexpected damage on power modules
Power Down Trap
Lets the device send a last message to the NOC when power is shut off and saves costs on deploying human resource for trouble shooting
IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
Supports both IPv4 and IPv6, saving your costs when transitioning from IPv4 to a IPv6 network
Flexible IPTV Deployment
Designed with rich functions in facilitating multimedia streaming and provides a stable IPTV service with high quality
Dual Image
Prevents your device to die from firmware upgrade failures

Brief Introduction

EPS-3128 series provides a wide set of QoS features that enable service providers to have a granular control over the behavior of traffic and services in the network.
In addition, EPS-3128 series delivers a comprehensive set of security features for authentication, connectivity and access control.
The combination of QoS, security and multicast features allow service providers to successfully deploy triple-play services. (Data, Voice and Video).