CVT series is small standalone media converter which support from 100Mbps to 10Gbps fiber Ethernet.
This series has various model which can satisfy the user demand such as speed, extension distance, media conversion, management and so on.
CVT series can bring reduction of the initial introduction cost and maintenance, management cost to all of network operator.

Supports 10 Gigabit fiber to fiber media conversion
Dual Rate Fiber
Automatically senses and adjusts the fiber speed when changes are made in the network environment, providing a longer lifespan for the product
Easy installation where complex configurations are not required
Power Redundancy
Keeps the device working when facing unexpected damage on power modules
Power Down Trap
Lets the device send a last message to the NOC when power is shut off and saves costs on deploying human resource for trouble shooting
Link Alarm
Provides link fault management for media converters

Brief Introduction

CVT series has various model which convert from UTP RJ-45 into various fiber media such as fiber type, connector, BiDi, distance or SFP slot to meet customer's demand.
And management model can provide several useful function to network operator.The combination of CVT series and CVT-RACK-16 series brings remarkable cost reduction and space saving to the customer.
CVT series has various model to meet all of customer demand.Therefore you should be able to choose the product which is suitable for use case.
CVT series is our proudly long seller series which has been getting confidence from many customer in world wide.